Tuesday, 26 August 2008

People Matter

5 am on a Wednesday in Thailand, still jet-lagged. It has been more than 12 hours since I landed, and my mind couldn't stop thinking about the people I dearly love, who dearly love me in the OC. These people have known me for so long, have seen me stumble and fall and get back up again, and have been there to encourage me through and through. I'm at a loss of words to describe how much love I feel from the OC. I know I struggled somewhat to readjust and all, but a big part of me belongs there. The depth in which we care for one another is literally out-of-this-world. I'm not talking just meeting the physical needs that family often does but the spiritual needs. People of God who care enough to speak the truth in love because they care about your soul more than their friendships with you. Men who love God and are loving and protecting the women in their lives. Women who love God and are supporting and respecting their men. The amazing examples of love and sacrifice...

It's hard leaving, always. Especially those whom you have invested your heart, mind, and soul into, who are connected to you not by human blood, but the blood of Christ, who walk-the-walk and lay down their lives to better the kingdom of God. 

I miss you so, so dearly.   

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